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DoctorMDx is your first stop for health and medical insights.  Our team of health and editorial experts have developed clear, well-structured health content for busy readers who want to take control of their health and seek credible, accessible information.

Visitors to DoctorMDx always know what they will get.  We apply our Health Core Framework to break even the most complex topics into easily understood elements that include:  Overview; Symptoms and Diagnosis; Causes; Treatment and Prevention; and Recent Debates and Development.  By applying a standardized framework, we take the burden off of readers from oriented themselves to each article.  Instead, readers know exactly where to find information that is most relevant to them.

Our content combines depth with clarity and accessibility.  We draw on health experts to bring the latest knowledge and insights to every health topic we cover.  At the same time, we complement our health expertise with editorial supervision to ensure that our content is accessible for non-medical readers.

Finally, we note that DoctorMDx content is for informational purposes and does not constitute medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.  We are not a substitute for medical expertise and you should always seek out your physician or other professional health providers for questions about your particular health care needs.  Likewise, if you are having a medical emergency, call your doctor or 911.  DoctorMDx should never replace professional medical advice or cause you to hold off on getting professional medical advice.