Achrochordon / Skin Tags


The tendency to form acrochordons runs in families. They are strongly associated with obesity. They may form in pregnant women in association with elevated circulating estrogen. There are no other known causes or risk factors.

Prevention and Treatment

Maintaining normal body weight may or may not help prevent acrochordons.

It isn’t necessary to treat skin tags, although many people choose treatment for cosmetic reasons, or treat an area in which the tags are repeatedly irritated or snagged and bleeding. Rarely, a tag may fall off spontaneously. Dermatologists and family doctors remove skin tags in their offices. A doctor may use liquid nitrogen to freeze the base of the lesions. Electrocautery can be used to burn the skin tags at the base. With both liquid nitrogen and electrocautery, the tissue will die and fall off in 3-10 days. With both methods, there is a small risk that the lesions won’t fall off but will require another treatment.  Continue reading for Prevention and Treatment Information . . .

Skin Tags

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