Achrochordon / Skin Tags

Scissors are a definitive treatment in which the lesions are cut off at the skin level. There is a risk of bleeding, since each tag is fed by a blood vessel, but the bleeding would be slight. Small lesions can be removed without anesthesia. An anesthetic called lidocaine, injected into the skin, may be necessary for removing larger tags. A topical anesthetic to put on the surface skin is sometimes used.

Small tags can also be treated at home, by using dental floss or string tied tightly at the base. Usually the tag will fall off within 7 days.

Recent Debates and Developments

There are differing opinions about sending the skin tag tissue that was removed to a pathologist to examine and verify the diagnosis. In general, with most tags, their characteristic appearance is sufficient to have confidence in the diagnosis. Lesions with an unusual appearance should be studied in a laboratory by a pathologist.

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