There are a number of self-care methods that can be used to manage fibromyalgia. Exercise is a huge factor in the pain reduction process. While physical activity can cause discomfort at first, with the help of a physical therapist the pain will decline in the long run because the body will be able to handle it better. Since fibromyalgia can be psychologically tiring, it is best to look into stress reduction techniques in order to stay mentally alert. If the mind is overexerted then the body will respond accordingly. Make sure to eat healthier foods and drink plenty of water to achieve optimal health.

Recent Debates and Developments

At this time there has been no official study on fibromyalgia. Cures and treatments to manage this disorder have been determined based on clinical observations. Lyrica, TENS, and Cymbalta are three cures discovered to help manage this disorder due to the observations made when treating other medical conditions.

In 2007, Lyrica was the first drug approved specifically for fibromyalgia, though at first it was meant to be used as an anti-seizure medication. Transcutaneous electrical nerve simulation, or TENS, is a type of nerve therapy used to calm pain caused by any condition. This technique only provides temporary relief and should only be used with other treatments. Cymbalta is an antidepressant that helps reduce fatigue and pain, both of which are caused by fibromyalgia. Further advancements will continue to be made as time goes on.

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